CG MANGA Illustration in a Nutshell


About the course

Drawing is wonderful. A white canvas represents endless possibilities. You can draw actual people and things in your life; you can draw how you feel about certain person or incident; you can draw your expectations for the future and your memory about the past; you can even create a whole world from your imagination.

However, learning to draw can be hard – even frustrating. Sometimes we have to give up a great idea because our techniques do not allow us to show it on the picture.

Facing this challenge, you first need a method – a method that allows you to easily draw basic things. Then it will be easier for you to stay interested in drawing, and continue you way to becoming a good illustrator.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to a series of solid methods that you can use to draw manga-style digital illustrations while improving your drawing skills. I hope this course can help you find more fun in illustrations.


 Course packages

Course package Price
Vol. 1 – Foundations $30 – Especially made for absolute beginners.
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Vol. 2 – Intermediate Skills $30 – Suitable if you have painting or sketch background.
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Vol. 3 – Advance Topics $35 –Focusing on advanced topics like drawing characters, hands and cloths.
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Complete Bundle – Including Vol. 1-3 $95 $50 – The complete bundle containing all three volumes.
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Course Requirements…

A digital illustration software: Corel Painter, Photoshop, Sai, etc

A pen tablet: Wacom Bamboo, Wacom Intros, etc

Obviously, a Mac or PC

Pencil, eraser and paper


Content and Goals

You will learn the complete process of creating a computer illustration

You will be able to learn how to draw manga and anime style characters

You will learn how to use Wacom tablet pens and Corel Painter like a pro

You will be able to improve your illustration skill, both digital and traditional, from basic to intermediate level


About me

Hello ACG fans and fellow digital artists,

I am a digital illustrator, course instructor and graphic designer. In the past 8 years, I worked on illustration and character design projects for computer games, trading card games and ACG magazines.

I started my own studio 4 years ago and have taught digital illustration to more than 140 students in live sessions. Now I am experimenting with teaching digital illustration online based on my live teaching experience.

It took me 3 years to plan, record, edit and refine the courses I offer right now. And I believe a course is never done, but always improving. So I’d really appreciate your feedback and will keep making the course better.

If you want to see some examples of my artwork and demonstration videos of my illustration process at


Course sections


Lecture 1:


Lecture 2:

Exploring Corel Painter

Lecture 3:

Basic Exercises

Lecture 4:

Observing Objects

Lecture 5:

Drawing Chibi-Style Actions

Lecture 6:

Adding Details

Lecture 7:

Drawing Clean Line Arts

Lecture 8:

Basic Coloring

Lecture 9:

Drawing Characters in 3D

Lecture 10:

More Tips for Coloring

Lecture 11:

Proportion of Human Body

Lecture 12:

Body Postures & Actions

Lecture 13:

Drawing Bodies Step by Step – Part 1

Lecture 14:

Drawing Bodies Step by Step – Part 2

Lecture 15:

Face and Personality

Lecture 16:

Emotions and Expressions

Lecture 17:

Drawing Hair

Lecture 18:

Character Drawing – Part 1

Lecture 19:

Character Drawing – Part 2

Lecture 20:

Cloth and Folds

Lecture 21:

Drawing Hands – Basics

Lecture 22:

Drawing Hands – More Examples

Lecture 23:


Lecture 24:

Line Art and Background

Lecture 25:

Color Blending and more